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Juniper 2x25 gallon compressor wash rig operation guide.
Running Time: 27:31
A step by step guide to the set-up and operation of Juniper's 2x25 gallon compressor washing rig.
Uploaded 21, 2013
Air Inlet Safety valve installation
Running Time: 3.23
Air Inlet Safety Valve installation procedure on the Juniper 2x25 gallon Compressor Washing Rig.
Uploaded 6, 2016
Charge valve replacement
Running Time: 1.53
Replacing the charge valve on the Juniper 2x50 Gallon Rig
Uploaded 20, 2017
British Airways try out our new engine wash waste water collection system.
Running Time: 5:24
Demonstration of the newly developed trailer mounted Kyoto containment mat (see product section of this website for more information), showing the collection and storage of engine wash waste water following a GE90 engine wash by British Airways using the Juniper 2x25 gallon compressor wash rig (JMP/CFM56/D/4777/C200) and GE90 short wash probes. (JMP/GE90/D/4081)
Uploaded 21, 2013
Engine wash and waste water collection for Aegean Airlines.
Running Time: 9:43
Commissioning of the 2x25 gallon compressor wash rig (JMP/CFM56/D/4777/C200) and V2500 short engine probes (JMP/V2500/D/4040) with the Kyoto containment mat (JMP/KYOTO/D/6777/C200) used to collect waste water during an engine wash on an Airbus A320 at Athens International Airport in June 2010.
Uploaded 22, 2013
Rolls Royce RB211-524 engine wash with Juniper long probes.
Running Time: 10:14
An engine wash on a Rolls Royce RB211-524 engine using the Juniper 2x50 gallon compressor wash rig (JMP/LUFT/D/4972/C500) fitted with a set of RB211-524 long probes (JMP/RB211/D/4249).
Uploaded 8, 2013
The 2x25 gallon universal compressor wash rig for military applications.
Running Time: 18:30
An overview of the 2x25 gallon universal compressor wash rig for military applications (JMP/HER/D/1144/C600 - NSN 4940-99-849-9712).
Uploaded 22, 2013