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Industrial Compressor Washing Rigs

Compressor cleaning is required when turbine blades become fouled with atmospheric pollutants causing a gradual reduction in power output and efficiency. Our experience with Industrial customers has indicated that starting regular compressor washing on new engines keeps these deposits to a minimum and a steady power output is maintained.

 • Reduced maintenance through the life of the engine
 • Increased reliability from fewer component failures
 • Reduced fuel consumption

We manufacture two types of industrial compressor washing rigs, each aimed at a specific market.

TYPE 1: Pressurised lightweight rig

Utilising a pressure vessel as the prime mover. This type is designed for the industrial user in particular for offshore applications, where low maintenance is a major consideration. This rig has no moving parts except for the solenoid valve.

The pressure vessel(s) is (are) filled with the appropriate washing mixture. The mixture is then pressurised with compressed air. The pressurisation process agitates the fluid providing additional mixing. The fluid delivery hose is attached to the turbine washing ring. The engine is then either a) Cold Crank Washed or b) Hot Washed. In either case the fluid is forced through the turbine blades under the control of the operator. The fluid is agitated and filtered, whilst being delivered to the engine ensuring a high mix quality. With rigs with two pressure vessels, one vessel is used for the washing solution mixture and the other for a rinse using demineralised water.

These rigs are fitted with either ball valves for manual control or solenoid valves for remote control. All rigs have an auxiliary air hose for closing the interstage blow off valves and a 120 mesh stainless steel filter to ensure the engine spray nozzles are kept clear.

TYPE 2: Pressurised lightweight diaphragm pump rig

Utilising a Diaphragm pump as the prime mover and specifically designed for the Heat and Power Generation Business to help engine manufacturers produce a competitive package. 

The equipment consists of a 6 gallon polypropylene tank or a stainless-steel tank for lower temperatures, a diaphragm pump, solenoid valve and associated air services, all mounted on a lightweight 2 wheeled trolly or static frame. All the major items are fully enclosed in a steel container which has two removable panels for access. The delivery, air inlet, air outlet and electrical cable are stowed on either side of the rig.

A range of mobile or static rigs are available from 1 gallon to 50 gallon capacity and we specialise in customising rigs to customers specific requirements.