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Vacuum Toilet Cleaning System


A self contained towable unit for cleaning and flushing toilet systems on the Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767 and MD11 aircraft. The unit is electrically powered and is connected to a local water supply. A rotating electro-mechanical cleaning nozzle is located in the aircraft waste tank via the level sensing aperture. Water is pumped at high pressure through the rotating nozzle to clean the waste tank over a six minute period. To clean the drain tube between toilet bowl and waste tank a high pressure flexable hose is fed into the drain tube via the toilet bowl in the aircraft cabin.

Thirty-five metres of cable is provided which will cover the longest drain tube. A high pressure gun is supplied to enable washing down of the equipment before storage. The unit is designed such that all the necessary equipment to complete the task is secured safely. An adapter to connect the tank cleaner in the MD11 waste tank is required.

With further adapters the unit can be applied to other aircraft such as the Airbus A300-600, A310/A330
and A340.

An extra 65 gallon water tank has made this more user-friendly. Brittania are currently using the equipment on their fleet of Boeing 767s at London Luton Airport. Boeing themselves have named us as supplier of this rig in a recent service bulletin.

Optional Rod-O-Matic unit

We can now offer this machine with the Spartan, Rod-O-Matic Drain cleaner. This is being offered as an accessory and in order to incorporate this unit on the machine, we have had to re-position various items and add an additional transformer in the electrical control box.
The Vacuum Toilet Cleaning Rig Optional Rod-O-Matic drain cleaner